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Let me introduce my REAL reviews and website, “HerbalIncenseReview.net “ built and run by a REAL person who does not own or have any interest in any herbal incense company. I am just an IT guy for the City of New York. I get randomly drug tested and absolutely can’t smoke real weed so for obvious purposes, from here on in, I will be known as just “Clarence”. I started buying different kinds of herbal incense since 2008. Then started reading reviews online. I found that 90% of the reviews are bullshit and owned by the bullshit little companies that make the shit incense I have been duped into paying sometimes $40 to $95 a bag for.

When you read my reviews weekly or monthly, you will find I am not a writer, I have shit grammar and if spell check misses a word I’m fucked. My girlfriend “Alabama” who is an attorney will be researching some legal issues with this stuff. My friend who is a struggling actor, who works with me in my boring shit hole office but has the same passion for this stuff “Dick Ritchie”, will be writing his own reviews as well.

With this whole DEA ban thing, my job and other fans of the website that have jobs like me or just want to smoke and be 100% legal, I will be talking about legalities from time to time as well. Even with the DEA ban some brands are made with illegal ingredients with no face behind the company, which means with the new DEA ban you'll have nowhere to go when you get stuck with a bad bag, you'll just be "In Possession" of some stuff that is considered to be the same thing as HEROIN as far as the law is concerned.

So, now that the intro’s are out of the way lets review a few of the brands I've tried in the past month or so. Lets start with this great company i found in a head shop called Burn in Wantaugh, NY.


SweetLucy.com a "Clarence", "Alabama" and "Dick Ritchie" Review. 5 STARS

I am really excited to share the good news about this stuff I found, its been around the East coast for a while, and is basically in every smoke shop, bodega and gas station but I bought it at a local head shop by my house called "Burn" in Wantaugh, NY and it was FUCKING GREAT.
I then ordered another bag from Sweetlucys' user friendly website for $30.00 . I received my order in a professional envelope at my door in 2 days time; they included a welcome letter, a sticker and a business card with a reps name and number.  It came in a 3-gram bag called “The Murderz” although they had other aromas I went with their original. I opened the bag and saw a nice fluffy mix of herbs that actually smelt skunky; the herb had tiny sparkling crystals all over it. Wow.

                                                                   SweetLucy.com Review -

Before we took city jobs Ritchie, Alabama and I always smoked only the best marijuana. We paid big money for the best highs and we really miss it. Then I found Sweet Lucy. If I didn’t know this stuff was incense I would swear I was smoking the best weed ever. Im not kidding about this, you gotta try this stuff. The smoke went in nice and smooth and smelled very nice in the room, i got a nice clean head and body high that lasted for about 2 hours which Dick Ritchie and I never get. I called the 855-Sweet-Lucy number on the website and spoke to a receptionist that put me on with the owner. The guy was real cool and he was happy to answer all my questions and was well versed in the laws and the DEA ban. He started the conversation with a quick disclaimer, “this stuff is not for human consumption yada yada.” I asked what he used and he said he actually has an in house private chemist that makes the DEA compliant formula; he also made it a point to tell me that it was absolutely acetone free. Sweet Lucy also has a link on their website to download their 10 page lab results from a DEA registered lab. The process in which they make it is different from everyone else in that it actually takes about 5 days to make a batch because of the natural drying process. "If you use Acetone it dries in an hour but the incense is then covered with harmful chemicals and carcinogens." Sweet Lucy is all organic, acetone free and the secret formula costs the company about 12g batch as compared to 2g for the shit the other companies use.

I give Sweet Lucy 5 STARS, it really is “The Murderz”, they for sure put much love in their incense, although I will be reviewing all other brands I come across, I must say I will be keeping Sweet Lucy around for head.
Sweet Lucy is by far the best brand ive ever smoked and the best incense on the market. Be sure to look for their poster on convenience store doors and windows. If you own a HEAD SHOP or CONVENIENCE STORE and dont have this stuff, make sure you get it. Or just order it for quick delivery from www.SweetLucy.com.

K2incense.org - A "Clarence" Review. 1 1/2 STARS

Some guy started the company with a friend. The original website was k2incense.com, the friend left and opened his company k2incense.org. They are both in a legal dispute with each other over the K2 name, it was probably the first incense, and the name is definitely worth fighting over for marketing purposes. Lets talk about their websites and product.


Is absolutely the most frustrating website on the internet, you click to buy a product, it takes you to a page that says “your shopping cart is empty” so next you scroll down and see a few different aromas they sell like “Sky”, “Orisha” and there are bullshit captions next to it that say, “you better buy it now, its always sold out.” The long and the short is they actually have the balls to ask for $59.95 per gram for stuff that is absolutely nothing special, they put a few different herbs in, which doesn’t make this stuff any better at all, and charge an arm and a leg. We finally bought a bag after 25 minutes of futzing around with this website that is so- not user friendly. They shipped slow about 5 business days. They have a disclaimer that they are 100% legal in all 50 states, which simply means there isn’t a cannabinoid in their formula, which means you will not get high or any pleasure from the stuff and you would have bought 1 gram for 60 bucks like a dope. They have a number counter constantly moving saying they sell grams every second which they definitely do not.

K2Incense.org Review-

K2 incense from K2incense.org fucking sucks. It is shit. I opened a really cheap looking bag with a crooked sticker on it and saw some mixed herb that isn't appetizing to look at, it wasn't fluffy or sticky but dry with stuff that looked like dried fruit peels. It tastes like shit goes in harsh. They are scared of the ban and are trying to play it safe as long as they can. They will probably just take down the website after everyone realizes their new formula sucks. They are simply capitalizing on the name.

1.    You cannot find a contact number, or speak to any customer rep. for the average guy who wants to place an order.

2.    They do not provide lab results.

3.    If you own a retail smoke shop and want to buy it wholesale the minimum order is $2000.00 and you get nothing for it and make very little profit.

4.    I found a wholesale page, which gives a toll free number to call, nobody ever picks up and you must leave a message.

5.    Took the company 2 weeks to call me back from a private number, the guy who called would only tell me his name is Joe and that he cant tell me where they are located or where its going to ship from etc.

If you own a Head Shop or convenience store please don't buy this stuff unless they give it away.

I Give K2incense.org 1 1/2 STARS


K2incense.com - A "Dick Ritchie" Review. 2 STARS

  K2incence.com state on their website that they are the original, which I believe because of the .com. They have pictures of k2incense.orgs' stuff and say beware of the counterfeit. There is a number to call, which i did call.  A young sounding burnt kid named Greg answered, he said his stuff was the best in the world and that they are the first and best company in the industry. He didn’t provide lab results but told me what’s in it. The synthetic cannabinoid  they use is pretty much one of the cheapest formulas out on the market. I felt like Greg was making this shit in his garage.

K2Incense.com Review-

I Bought a 3-gram bag of “K2 Summit” for $27.95 plus tax and shipping etc. Got it pretty fast 3 days or so, I smoked it and felt good for a very short time. The taste was bad, the smoke was harsh and it left me feeling run down, like shit, with like a hangover headache, which usually means they use Acetone in the product because it is cheap. That’s definitely not good for you and caused the run down hangover feeling which basically made me give away the rest to my friend. I promised Clarence that i would give him my honest opinions on the stuff he gives me and i wasnt impressed with K2. Living on the East coast this stuff isnt really in stores over here and im glad its not. If this is supposed to be the best around the West coast has much to learn. It definitly wasnt the worst ive tried although ive tried a lot, I tried Sweet Lucy the night before with Clarence and Alabama and smoked it again later that night after the K2 just to feel good. Save your money with K2incense.com your smoking a name.


Wicked X(herbalmagics.com) - a "Clarence" Review. 2 1/2 STARS

They claim to be legal in all 50 states on their website. Now, if they are legal in all 50 states, they are not using a synthetic cannabinoid in their formula for those states where it isn’t legal. I called the number on the website after placing my order to see what goes on there. I real country boy hic old man sounding guy answered the phone. He was telling me how good there potpourri was and how there formula is the best. He didn’t offer lab results or tell me what the secret chemical was, he wouldn’t tell me his name and had the “I didn’t do anything”,” this stuff isn’t me, I just work here attitude.” I then told him not to worry i'm just writing a review for my review page. I received my stuff quickly (2 days).

                                                       WickedX (herbalmagics.com) Review-

I way over paid $49.95 for 1.5 grams, which came in a small plastic pill jar. This stuff is not worth more then $10.00 for 1.5 Grams, I also wanted everyone to know they sell this stuff everywhere. The smoke was very light, smelled good and I felt good for a little while, I wasn’t tired and run down when it was over but felt fine. The stuff is definitely clean although the smoke tasted a little weird like metal or something (smoked out of glass).  The high definitely did not last long; it’s definitely ok if nothing else is around, but I thought it was way to expensive for the amount they give. You see this stuff everywhere; they should just sell it in a CVS or Walgreens, as it is pretty generic and a little blah.



SMILEY DOG No website, Piker People - a "Clarence" Review. 0 STARS

Review- 0 stars

Congratulations Smiley Dog, you have won the 0 Stars award for the shittiest Herbal Incense on the market. Please, please stop selling this garbage. Here's what everyone is saying about Smiley Dog;Yuk, blah, shit is all we all could say. This shit can only be found in stores. They have no website, no contact info, I don’t even know if its legal. They use only 1 herb that is really harsh on the throat and lungs. Ritchie and I did get an unclean headache buzz for about a half hour but it sucked. I did some research and found that this stuff is made by Mormons in Utah and sold all over but it is just shit. Did I say this stuff is shit? It comes in a 4-gram plastic jar
with a crooked sticker around it I was happy to see 4-grams for a decent price for about a minute. The price was $30.00 but is not worth $5.00. I then realized that their marketing plan is to buy the cheapest shittiest herb in large quantities, or maybe the Mormons in Utah are just growing "shitweed" on their compound so they can put 4 gram jars out and let people feel they are getting a bargain. This is probably the shit they make in prison when you’re in for life. Please save your money. Is there anything less then 0 stars?